The Chronicler
Transcribing Personal History and Making Memories!
History is more than we learn about in books… we should
document our own.

As most of us go through school we are taught American
History, World History, Ancient History and sometimes even
current events.  What we often don’t get is a sense of our
own history and what got each of us and our families where
we are now
Why should we know or share our own familial history?
It matters
Understanding that we have a past that
makes us who we are.
Nature and Nurture and how it has
affected us
Written/Oral History vs Video

Both have their place.
  • A written history can be more detailed, indexed and
    easily referencable.
  • A video or pictorial history can offer a sense of flavor and
    highlight many of the more interesting aspects of family.
  • Written words will likely take a format that can be easily
    handed down from generation to generation.
  • Video and multi-media changes with time and while we
    will all do what we can to maintain it, there is some
    likelihood that methodology will get lost or become
    obsolete with technical changes.
  • I recommend variety but, I highly recommend never
    losing sight of oral transcription with room for annotation
    and refining.
History Project Size, Scope and Costs
Oral history projects can be small scale, producing small
booklets of individual memory or large projects creating
multimedia scrapbook collections. All are done in consultation,
never in a vacuum.  Prices start as low as $250 to create
multiple copies of a 10 - 20 page elegant booklet of memories
from conversations with family.

Let’s Write Up Your History!
Please contact me to help turn your family history into a permanent document to
pass along to family and friends!
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