Why create a chronicle of
your life?
Personal Biography
Oral history transcriptions
In-depth conversations about life past and present
transcribed and edited.
Party Memories
Life books for adopted families
Business Histories

These are gifts for yourself  and to be shared with family,  They can be
starting points for conversations, gifts, or small accounts might be given
 as party favors.  Such a document can be referenced in the future and
learned from..
Guided Interviews
 Depending on the project a transcribed history will take as
few as a couple of weeks and possibly up to several months
to complete. After agreeing on the size and scope of the
project, I will generally arrange interview times with
participants. These interviews vary in length and will be
agreed on in advance. The most basic project will involve a
few hours of a guided interview about the participant that is
recorded and then transcribed and finally printed in an agreed
format and quantity for the client.

 It is an honor to be able to work with people to get their
personal stories into a permanent document that family and
friends can share.